Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Images of New Mexico

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Flightline, Cannon AFB, NM. Left to Right: Major (now Lt Col) Heatherington, pilot , 1Lt (now Capt.) Ivan (Buck) Pennington, and Your Humble Scribe (still a retired MSgt). Number One Son isn't a pilot, he was honored as Cannon AFB's Junior Officer of the Year Quarter (see the comments) back in 2003, and an F-16 incentive flight was part of the award package. This was his second incentive flight, the first was in an F-111 while he was stationed at RAF Lakenheath, UK.

Two flights in a front-line combat aircraft. Jeez, I'm jealous! I spent 22 years in the USAF and the only aircraft I flew in were the C-47, C-130, and the C-141. What's that you say? C-47? Yep, C-47. We had a few left in the inventory during my early days. I'm old, ya know.


  1. Being a stickler for accuracy...and not wanting anyone to think I had told Dad a tall tale...I was actually named the Company Grade (Junior is an old term) Officer of the Quarter for Cannon AFB. While I was lucky enough to win a few annual awards, those were at the group and squadron levels. Just to set the record straight...

  2. Hey, I was gonna say "Junior Officer of the Universe," but that was a bit too hyperbolic. Thanks for correcting me.

  3. All in the interest of accuracy...but I appreciate the thought!


  4. Buck,

    You look good in a flight suit, the tight pants suit you well. Remember me, its been about 16 years but the days at Lakenheath came back after I saw the picture here. Drop me a line, I would love to catch up and see how things are going.

    Mike Gray


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