Wednesday, December 03, 2014

An Early Christmas Present

The Brown Truck o' Happiness just pulled away from the curb after the nice gentleman in the brown suit put a big-ass box in my hot lil hands... the contents o' which, this:

That would be a box o' Drew Estate Acid Kuba Kubas, a nice lil five-stick travel humidor full o' some seriously good cigars, and a spiffy Bugatti butane lighter... all o' which were part o' the Black Friday Box Bedlam.

We are NOT immune to the joys o' shopping, especially when we don't even have to leave the house.  I'm gonna have too much choice for After Dinner Whiskey Hour this evening.


  1. Ashless in Seattle03 December, 2014 21:41

    That's a swell looking urn right there ! Maybe mix the ashes together for an eternity in good smelling ash...

    1. Taking your comment at face value... The box might be a bit small for an urn, methinks. And wood wouldn't last.

  2. "The Brown Truck O'Happiness!" For you it brings cigars - for me, shoes!

  3. Maybe we should just call them boxes Funnery Humidors!! Just saying....

  4. @ Anne: You buy shoes without trying them on? Brave girl!

    @ Rummy: Well, they ARE fun!


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