Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

We haven't done a Happy Hour Soundtrack post in quite some time and that's coz on most days we've been listenin' to Not Particularly Relevant radio whilst taking our beers on the verandah.  But today?  I damned sure ain't outside for what should be obvious reasons.  So... here's Loudon Wainwright:

I can picture you there on that stool, drinking like a drunken fool.
Yeah, you're sitting there on your ass, muttering into your glass.
Paying for your lowlife thrills with wet quarters and soggy one dollar bills.

I know where you are, baby.
You're down drinking at the bar.
Heh.  There were people in my past lives who might coulda sang this song to me.  Once upon a time.  Mebbe.


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