Thursday, November 06, 2014

Plane Pr0n of a Different Sort

Once again, Occasional Reader and Constant Correspondent Lin sends along sumthin' really good...

Pretty cool, that.  But just because the aircraft is capable of such maneuvers doesn't necessarily mean its driver should actually DO those things.  I'd not take kindly to bein' in the back of the aircraft when or if the pilot wanted to impress someone, anyone.  "Hey Bob!  Hold my beer and watch THIS!"

No, no, NO!

Update, a couple o' few minutes later:  The vid above brought to mind another Boeing demonstration flight:

That barrel roll is world famous, as is Tex Johnston, who was the pilot that day.


  1. You just have to make sure it stays 1G and not go negative, as then all that 50's technology starts breaking down, fuel pumps cavitate, engines flame-out, air cycle machine stops cycling, etc, and then you start saying things like "I sure wish I started this roll at 6000 feet", as the engineer tries to get enough engines started to begin the climb again...

    1. Your comment makes me wonder how all those 50's era fighters... from the P-80 through the Century Series... managed to stay airborne, Okie.

  2. Pretty typical stuff.

    "Here, hold my beer and watch this!"

    It was damned cool though.

    1. Cool, indeed. The thing that amazes me? I was ten years old when the 707 was in flight testing... eight years later and I was ON one, headed to San Antonio for basic training.


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