Wednesday, October 29, 2014


History WILL repeat itself:

There are ten more rejected cards here.


  1. I think for the first time ever I did this. I don't think I missed anything this year but it was so cool to see the kids in costumes bit it was a different time. Most of the kids who came to the door had no costume and were older high school kids cruising for candy.

    I get why dads go trick or treating early with their little children. No rational parent would send them out after dark anymore. I almost threw a caveat in their, at the end, to say that maybe on military posts. Not after Bright Star when I worked at the Joint Ops Center at Cairo West, No no.

    1. I USED to take great pleasure in handing out candy in the way-wayback; the little kids in their costumes were just sooo danged cute. But, as you say, different times.


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