Friday, October 03, 2014

Yet Even More Cigar Art

In today's mail... the red and the black.

That would be a box of Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real short belicosos... in both Connecticut and maduro wrappers.  Once again, it's all about the box, which, as usual for premium cigars, is of all wood construction and is very well finished. I also like the way the RyJ logo... or crest, you choose... is done up in gold line art on both the exterior and interior of the box (click the images to embiggen).  Very well conceived and executed.

Seein' as how the days are getting shorter, it only follows that my cigars should get shorter, too.  We'll be firing one of these puppies up during After Dinner Whiskey Hour this evening.


  1. Those are pretty good, at least the few I tried...

    1. RyJ makes a lot o' fine sticks. I burnt one of each in this box (light and maduro) last evening and they're good.


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