Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday: Waltzing, Matilda?

You don't have to watch the whole ten and a half minutes like I did...

Apropos o' not much... I WANT that El Camino looking vehicle, in left-hand drive, please.


  1. I sometimes think I want another pickup ...or it's ilk.
    Then I am reminded how much easier it is to get down into a car.
    But that might just be the ticket.
    I wonder if anybody can tell us what it is?

    Remind me never to mess with a kangaroo.

    1. I googled "Australian El Camino" and I think it's one of these. I also learned GM is pulling the plug on the Commodore SSV at the end of 2016. It seems like GM always fucks up. ALWAYS.

      Here's yer reminder: don't mess with the 'roos!

  2. Couldn't agree more, Buck! In fact the Obama Admin was the one who forced GM to canx the Pontiac line. The G-8 was a seriously hot car. I saw/examined one on a dealers lot in LA with custom rims/oversized thin tires in the EXACT same persimmon color as your link shows and it looked HOT!! When I checked google like you did a yahoo talk forum claimed GM produced the Aus "ute" Camino-like car/truck in the US for a while as the "Pontiac G8 Sports Truck."

    1. I googled "Pontiac G8 Sports Truck" as you did and The Wiki sez the ST was cancelled before it came to market. You're oh-so-right about the G8, though... it was a modern day GTO.


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