Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday: Good Visuals But...

... very, very stupid.

From the Usual Source of these things:
Base jumper John van Horne leaps from the 1,381ft KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in to a roof-top pool of another 34-storey building in the distance.
Just climbing the tower is dumb, jumping off the thing is even dumber. 


  1. My esteemed (HA!) opinion is that base jumpers have huge balls and absolutely no brains.

  2. Too rich and too bored.


  3. I pretty much agree with all three o' you. Thanks!

  4. I'm with Buck here, his commenters have hit the trifecta--pretty much covered the waterfront..

  5. Well, I disagree.
    Young man, feeling the prime of life, invites friends (girls) to watch him do something spendiferous and crazy. They all end up naked in a pool on the roof of a building in an exotic town.
    Now who among us didn't engage in such things when we were young? Motorcycle racing anyone? anyone? anyone?
    No. I'm happy. They do it because they can...and girls.

    If they die trying, nobody will notice.

    1. Yanno whut? I SERIOUSLY considered taking a "I hope the guy got laid" approach after watching the video. You make a very good point, Curt.


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