Monday, October 06, 2014


From My Buddy Ed In Florida...

Altogether now... "It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A. ... It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A.!"


  1. I was about 17 when that came out (heh-heh) and took that song as a warning. Have never set foot in any of those places and no real desire to even if it's all good. P.S. Never go in any bar called Ram Rod, I-Beam, and especially Man Hole. Unless that is your bag, baby.


  2. I forgot to sign out with a smiley device that indicates humor!

    Barco again.

  3. I actually spent a summer living at the Y, back in the day. . .

    And, knowing what I do now, I'm a little aghast that this song is still a staple at ballparks and weddings. . .

    1. I've never set foot in a Y and have absolutely NO plans to do so. Ever. :-)

  4. I never spent any time at my local Y, but my 'A' School class had a pretty good party at the Turk Street Y in SF.
    I took advantage of the rooms at the Downtown Sandy Eggo Y, and the old Y in Downtown Honolulu wasn't such a bad place to crash, either.
    But then just about anything was better than going back to the ship when there was no duty the next day.

  5. That was priceless.

    When I was a middie on FF 1056, we were all invited to the grand reopening of NEWPORT's YMCA. The XO finished up the party that night by going upstairs, sweeping all the crap off one of the hall tables and stripping down to his underwear before laying on the table and going to sleep. It was a night to remember.

  6. In the 70s I used to play hand-ball and racquet-ball with a group of buddys at the YMCA off of Lee Circle in the CBD in N.O. Rates were cheap and courts good. That's the sum total of my YMCA experience, such as it was..

  7. @Skip: I don't think I'd go back to the ship if I could possibly help it, either. So the Y DOES serve a purpose, eh?

    @ Curt: A night to remember? I'll say!!

    @ Virgil: You have more experience than I where the Y is concerned, sir.

  8. I should be fair and mention that I used to swim at the Y in La Jolla. I would stop there on the way to work or on the way back and swim a mile. Both Encinitas and La Jolla had really wonderful Y's. My daughter attended their pre-school.


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