Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Semantics & Weather

I find this amusing... not funny, just amusing.  Given our gub'mint's track record on the various and sundry "wars" depicted in the 'toon, perhaps the Obama administration is right in labeling the current military adventure as it has.

This is just as amusing, if not more so:

Today is the sort o' day some folks would call "dreary."  Not me, however.  A nice, long, gentle rain is JUST what the doctor ordered for The High Plains o' New Mexico.


  1. I couldn't decide which of today's cartoons appealed to me the most.
    Your weather is most appealing.
    We may have T-storms tonight and rain tomorrow. (operative term is "may")

    1. We have more rain today... a LOT more rain. I may need to grow some gills.


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