Monday, September 22, 2014


Ah, the grand exit gesture.  Sorta.  The anchor-lady's response was about as nonplussed as I've ever seen on teevee, but she did manage to get out an apology.

In other news... Yesterday was a total fail.  I woke up yesterday morning with back pains of the annoying sort, which is to say not terribly painful or debilitating, just
irritating.  So I did what any normal person might do, which was to take a couple o' Bayer Back and Body aspirins along with the morning's first cup and a vitamin.  I should have known better... 30 minutes later I was in the bathroom giving the aspirins and that first cup up to The Porcelain God.  We then dosed ourfineself with Pink Stuff and turned to the couch for an hour or two to let the nausea slip away, hopefully.  That almost worked but another dose o' Pink Stuff and about three more hours o' couch time did the trick.  I didn't really get semi-right until about 2100 hrs last evening, at which time I went to bed.  It should go without sayin' that yesterday was one one of those VERY rare days, a day in which we were alcohol-free.  No beer, no whiskey... none at all.  We just weren't up to the challenge, so to speak.  No cigar, either.

So, today.  Same back pain upon awakening with an added, no-extra-charge sore throat.  This is beginning to look like the onset o' the flu, an event I could GLADLY do without.  I don't "do" sick very well at all and I'm certainly not ready for this... if it's what I think it is.


  1. A bad back really is the pits - my sympathy. The best cure? A double dose of Scotch!

  2. She did what every worker 'secretly' wishes they could do... One wonders if she used her 'products' before the show. And good luck with the back pain. That truly sucks!!!

  3. Having some back pain myself, pinched nerve. No fun at all!

    (Today I felt like doing what she did. But I have been informed that the mortgage ain't paid off yet. Sigh...)

  4. Hope you feel better quickly.

  5. 29 September-Podiatrist
    2 October-VA for Male Issues.........................
    3 October-Nerve Induction Test
    Damn, this getting old shit can stack up can't it?
    Positive Waves headed your way my friend!

    1. I'm fond o' sayin' gettin' old ain't for sissies, Glenn.


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