Tuesday, September 23, 2014


"We have too much stuff," sez one guy.  What an incredible bunch of uninformed, gullible, and likely unwashed people.  And they call people like me "deniers."  What chutzpah.

From Reason's web site.


  1. Morons, we've got morons on our team...

    (And they can vote!)

    1. Well, their voting record is spotty at best. At least we have THAT.

    2. Sadly, not any more, Buck. Been reading several articles lately on the Dems superior computerized social media get-out-the-vote system which was used to turn out the true believer base of seldom/erratic voters at almost 90%+ rates compared to previous times and which is supposed to have put Obama over the top in key States last election--and they are perfecting it still! S. C. A. R. Y!

    3. @Virgil: I don't think much is gonna motivate the low-info crowd for the mid-terms, short of actually kidnapping them and depositing them at the polls. And some would STILL walk away, even then.

  2. Ummmmm!
    I think we need to... ummmmmm!
    ...and then, ummmmmm, turn everything off.

    "I fart. therefore I am...
    ...the problem"


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