Thursday, September 04, 2014

Cigar Art XVIII

In today's mail...

That would be a box of 3 Reynas in the 6x60 gordo size and those puppies are indeed fat.  The box is made entirely of wood except for the brass clasp/hinges and is finished in a very deep reddish-brown that's quite pleasing to the eye.  I also like the 3 Reynas logo... simple and elegant.  Kinda like me, with the emphasis on "simple."

It's a good thing our weather broke today and we're about ten degrees cooler than we were for the past day or six.  And why does that matter?  Mainly coz we'll be on the verandah this afternoon for a lil bit longer than usual.  I think one of these puppies is gonna last a loooong time, mebbe even three beers' worth.  We'll be out to the verandah just as soon as we hit "post."

Apropos o' not much... I need to buy me a flash attachment, one that I can angle up or down as required to eliminate that unsightly flash glare.  Yet another First World Problem, eh?

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