Monday, September 08, 2014

Aches and Pains

I feel like someone snuck into the house last night and beat the HELL outta me while I was sleeping.  It's kinda like this:

Seriously.  My neck, back, and legs are just not right today.  We don't complain a lot around these parts, but this krep has put me off my feed.


  1. I am not a porfessianel so yous can trust me. I used to find the SEAL LCDR sleeping on the floor of my office early in the morning. It took some effort (not much) to drive him away and tell him to see the damned doctors. His neck, back, legs and spine were killing him (he had jumped out of flimsy Egyptian aircraft the day before if memory serves). The COMUSNAVCENT doctor told him then that he was within hours of losing his leg to gangrene.


    1. I felt a lot better by 1400 hrs, especially since I'd knocked back a couple o' beers. There's not much to see here, only the normal aches and pains of the elderly, so no medicos are required. Besides that, I haven't jumped out of any flimsy Egyptian aircraft lately.


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