Tuesday, September 02, 2014

A Sight for Sore Eyes...

... and a treat for deprived taste buds:

That would be a half-dozen bottles of Bulleit Rye.  I got a call from the Cannon Class VI store about an hour ago notifying me that my special order for Bulleit had FINALLY come in (it's been at least three months since I placed the order).  The store received a case o' the stuff so I went ahead and bought six... coz ya never know when they'll run out.  This otta hold me for a week or three.  Or a few days, if my name was Virgil.

After Dinner Whiskey Hour is gonna be SO much better than usual this evening.


  1. Huh, gotta admit I've never seen/tried that brand...

  2. I use that stuff to prime my lawn mower. Course, I'm a cognac grape kinda guy... I usually go through one bottle of XO every year. The rest of the time I usually go with a cheap merlot for meals.

  3. What I know about Bulleit spirits you could put in a thimble.
    I do know that your six pack would be good for about a month, if I was still drinking.

  4. @ Jim: I think Bulleit is the best rye on the market, if you like rye. Some folks don't.

    @ Anon: Is that cognac in a screw cap bottle, or canned?

    @ Skip: These bottles will last me well over three months, more like five. A bottle will last about two months once the weather turns cold.

    1. Non, merci - cork from the Tahiti colonies, and handled by bare chested natives with nipples that point to the sun...


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