Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday, Part Deux: Fabulous Plane Pr0n!

I'd just pulled the trigger on the post below when Occasional Reader and great good friend Lin sent this along:

Who knew they did airshows AT NIGHT!?!


  1. Better have that altimeter set right! :-)

  2. Please keep off the grass. You wingtips, that is. (!)

  3. @ Jim: I don't think those biplane drivers are spending much time looking at their altimeters. OTOH, the T-6 guys flying at night BETTER be payin' attention!

    @ Inno: As our Blogfaddah used to say: "You can only TIE the low-altitude record, you can't BEAT it."

  4. Rather a large collection of bold pilots.

  5. Do you ever watch the Red Bull air-races, Buck? Great stuff!

  6. @ Chris: Let's hope they get to be OLD pilots.

    @ Virgil: Nope, I never have. I used to watch the Reno air races, once upon a time... like when they were on teevee.


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