Friday, August 29, 2014

Not Your Father's Air Force XXXV

From the Usual USAF Source...
SrA. Shabree N. Heasell, a geospatial intelligence analyst with the 603rd Air and Space Operations Center at Ramstein AB, Germany, is one of the Air Force's 12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year for 2014. As a tactics and training analyst, Heasell identified 43 smuggling routes across a 193-square-mile area, leading to the discovery and elimination of 12 enemy workshops, 20 improvised explosive devices, and 50 weapons caches. She developed nine primary and alternate evacuation routes for the Secret Service, ensuring the safety of the President of the United States and 223 staff personnel during the President's diplomatic visit to Africa. Heasell also volunteered 1,270 hours for 15 organizations and led 350 volunteers through 53 events, raising more than $2 million in sales and proceeds that were donated to local schools and charities. Air Force Magazine is shining the spotlight on each OAY in the days leading up to AFA's Air & Space Conference that starts on Sept. 15 in National Harbor, Md. AFA will honor these airmen there.
First of all: congratulations to SrA Heasell on her selection as one of USAF's 12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year.  That's a Big F'in Deal (as Uncle Joe would say).  That said, take a look at the right hand screen the SMSgt is using.  Wikipedia?  Wiki-Freakin'-Pedia?  This photo is supposed to represent intelligence operations, innit?  And The Wiki is a source?  This is the sorta thing that makes me entreat The Deity At Hand to save us.  Please.


  1. So, is the screen on the left Google Earth?

    FWIW, I hate those cammies. Not as much as the Navy's blueberries but it's close.

    Yes, well done Senior Airman. But hey you PAO geeks, next time have the airman in the chair and the freaking Senior Freakin' Master Sergeant pointing at the display. Some of us out here still have a couple of brain cells to rub together.


    1. Heh. All yer points are well-taken. I think I retired at just about the right time. FWIW, the Ol' Man used to say the exact same thing about MY Air Force. I've become my father.

  2. I'm wondering if the Wikipedia shot was photoshopped in because something was there that shouldn't have been.

  3. Huffin-n-Puffin29 August, 2014 20:21

    It's sad, but that's the only way to become one of the dozen. The deciding factor is how much volunteer work you do outside of your military duties. But give me a break, that whole paragraph smells like the APR I once received :-) I don't think any Intelligence analyst with a PC is going to protect the White House single-handedly...

  4. @ juvat: I don't think that's a P-shop. It's very, VERY good if it is.

    @ Huffin: You're right about the volunteer thing, but it was that way back in my day, too. I remember rating officials specifically asking me what sort of extracurricular activities of mine could go in my APR. Unfortunately drinking and carousing didn't qualify.


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