Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My New Coffee Pot. Again.

So, the Keurig.  When I went to brew my first cup this morning it made several interesting and non-standard noises and then just fuckin' quit.  We made three more attempts to cajole something, anything out of the machine and then WE fuckin' quit.  With no coffee.  No nuthin'.  So we got in the Dowager Tart, drove to Mickie Dee's and bought two large mochas for SEVEN freakin' Yankee Dollars.  And ten cents.  The general public was unaware there was a non-caffeinated gentleman piloting nearly two tons of automobile on the public streets but no one was harmed during that excursion, thank The Deity At Hand.

So, later in the day... after we were fully caffeinated and capable of making (sorta) wise decisions... we hied our old ass off to Wally-World and bought this:

Which was the ONLY Bunn machine Wally had in stock.

And what of the Keurig?  In the dumpster, where it belongs.  Now I have a mini-project to attend to sometime in the near future: cutting open 32 little K-cups and dumping the coffee into a bag.  One last insult.


  1. I hope you took the opportunity to go 'Office Space' on it first, ala

    1. Heh. I didn't do that, but I prolly shoulda. Just seein' the fuckin' thing in the dumpster was close enough for gub'mint work.

  2. It would take four Keurig cups to get what I put in my Tervis Mug........Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup Champions 2014 Mug that is!
    I have a Hamilton Beach Brew Station that has no pot and it is great!

    1. @ Skip: I didn't! What did he do?

      @ Glenn: I had to google "Tervis."


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