Sunday, August 03, 2014

Cigar Art XVI

We haven't done one o' these cigar art postings since April o' this year and that's coz we've been sticking to the tried and true when it comes to the sticks making their way through El Casa Inmóvil De Pennington.  That said, we've sampled a few new-to-us offerings these past three and a half months and here are the bands from four of those cigars:

The "Java" offering from Drew Estate is the only cigar that might make it into our normal rotation.  I really like the coffee/chocolate infusion in this stick; it's a damned near perfect after dinner smoke when paired with three fingers of single malt or bourbon.  The other three sticks fall into the "good enough" category, but I prolly won't go there again.  All four have very attractive bands, especially the Oliva "Master Blend" at the top.  I remain amazed at the thought and execution put into cigar bands.  Lovely.


  1. Yep, high art and too bad the tobacco underneath doesn't measure up...

    1. I think the tobacco measures up... at least in the cigars I've sampled.

  2. "I remain amazed..."

    Once AGAIN, get off your duff and have some of those mounted/framed as wall art, you damned fool! You've got something a lot of collectors would pay good money for.

    PS: I wished I had saved all the original "Orange-crate" art from the crates my Aunt Elsie used to ship back to all of us in Illinois when she came to visit her Dad for the summer from Dinuba in the Central Valley (Tulare County) during the late 40s, 50s.. In great demand now and very scarce in the original.

    1. Once AGAIN, get off your duff...


      And on yer other point: The old orange-crate art was magnificent, but who would've thought to save it, other than a few farmers?


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