Sunday, July 27, 2014


The post title is in reference to the photo above.  The answer?  This:
“Look at the wall,” David Mellor, the Boston Red Sox groundskeeper, said to sports photographer CJ Gunther. “Ok,” shrugged back Gunther. “No. Really look at it.” It was then that Gunther realized he was staring at hundreds of baseball marks scattered along Fenway’s famous Green Monster wall. “You need to come shoot pictures of these,” said Mellor.” And with Mellor’s declaration in 2009, CJ Gunther began his body of work, chronicling the detailed scars scattered across baseball’s arguably most famous wall. “My first reaction was awe. I’ve been coming here forever and never seen this,” recalls Gunther.
Go here to see the photos and read how they're made.


  1. That was awesome...

    You made my day Buck, seriously.

  2. Too cool... baseball as art.

    Who'd a thunk we'd find it on your blog?

  3. @ Chris: Thank ya, sir.

    @ Skip: Thanks. I think. :-)

  4. One of my favorite things about Fenway is the stuff most folks don't notice. The dents on the wall - with actual stitch imprints from the balls, in some instances - is one of them. The morse code on the wall - Tom and Jean Yawkey's initials - is another. That the ladder on the wall was retained, even though the reason for it was gone, was another (it used to be used to climb up to the net and retrieve balls, but with the addition of the so-called Monster Seats, it became redundant. Thanks for this. Lots of fun!

    1. I thought you might like this.


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