Friday, July 25, 2014


We're just in from the verandah after consuming the first beer o' the day but we won't be taking a second brew outdoors.  Why?  Coz it's just a tad warmish at the moment.  Witness:

In the interest of full disclosure... This station has been known to be three or four degrees above other local stations when it comes to temperature reading(s).  Still and even, it could be 99 or 100 or 101 at the moment and I really don't care; once you break into triple digits it's HOT.  We shall now burn some incense and thank The Deity At Hand for central air conditioning.


  1. Yep, a 'tad' warmish... :-)

  2.'s a "Dry" heat. Yeah right.

    BTW is that a website or an app you use for that display?

  3. @ Jim: Just a tad!

    @ juvat: The pic is a screen capture from Weather Underground, edited to highlight the "current conditions" box.

  4. I think I've said this before, Buck, but the old saying that age makes cowards of us all is so true. When I was in my college days I'd be on the tennis courts in Califs central valley at 2pm with temp much the same, lol (not that I still didn't suffer..)

    1. I did a lot o' dumb stuff when I was a kid, too. ;-)


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