Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

Classic rock?  Uh, no.  The Siegel-Schwall Band.

I`ve always been careful
Where I bedded down.
Last night I thought I scored an angel
And I woke up with a circus clown.
It might have been love sweet love
That made me so blind
Or it might have been plain old lust
But I think it was the wine.
My Daddy said a couple of beers are OK
But that wine is just no good.
It`ll make you do things you shouldn`t
And forget the things you should.
Daddy was RIGHT.   A couple o' glasses o' wine are good with dinner, but as a staple in an all-night drink-fest?  Not even.  Go ahead... ask me how I know.  Better yet, just re-read the lyrics snippet above.  We have tee shirts...

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