Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pretty Cool

Occasional Reader Rob sent this along yesterday...

Computer animation has reached the point where it's pretty danged hard to tell if something's real or if it's Memorex.  That said, one wonders why there aren't any frogs in this vid.


  1. Hee! There's a video (bad taste) about Kennedy in Dallas, in the mix of a bunch of ad-type videos:

  2. It kept sounding like the lady was saying "Bernaise sauce makes it taste 3 times better," but my French is a little rusty.

  3. @ Skip: :-)

    @ videos: Could you be a lil more specific? EVERY post at your link has a video.

    @ Curt: She might have been sayin' just that... my French has largely gone away, too.

    1. oops, it's the first one with the cops. You mean you didn't watch them all! :-)

    2. Thanks! As you said... bad taste, but funny.


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