Monday, July 21, 2014

Is It Ever TOO Late?

To post, that is.  We spent the better part o' our day off the grid, beginning like this:

That would be a sunrise, Gentle Reader, sumthin' we rarely see these days.  We took the pic from inside The Tart, shortly after oh-dark-thirty.  We were gone for about 12 hours and this is what we looked like at the end o' our day:

We killed us some bugs today (click to embigify).  I'm thinkin' it would look a lot worse than this had we not hit that half-hour rain storm on our way back to base.  Bad enough, though... I see a beauty shop appointment in The Tart's immediate future.

And now it's back out to the verandah for our second beer.


  1. Sunrise? 12 hours gone? And managed to squeeze in a second beer. You are efficient with your time sir. :-)

    1. Well, I dunno about efficient, but I know I definitely NEEDED those two beers.


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