Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Close Call

Wow.  The slow-motion bit is the scariest part; I missed the flying concrete in real-time.


  1. When things are going boom, I like to be in a nice deep hole. Or behind something substantial. Not gawking like a tourist out in the open.

    I damn near wet my pants in real time, realized what a close call those folks had in slow-mo. That would have taken someone's head off.

    1. A nice deep hole is indeed the place to be. Or in front of a teevee screen.

  2. As Bill Cosby says, first you say it, then you do it. . .

  3. Not one of them had any idea except this man. It reminds me of a passage in Coontz when he was flying out of the bombing range in PI back to the ship and a couple of F4's drilled through the space between him and his wingman. Closing rate over a 1000 mph and nobody else in the formation saw them. A leemer.

    We used to watch the mines detonate from a safe distance.

  4. Shortly after I left the UK during an ORI a 4-ship from my old squadron was tanking when a two-ship from a sister squadron coming back from the range went right thru and created a mid-air that sent one of ours and one of theirs right into the drink. The 92nd bird pancaked on the canopy of the 78th bird--all four crew-members were lost.

    BTW, there is a you tube of street-fighting in Iraq a few years ago showing Army types rubbernecking from some bldg balconies waiting for an AF 1000lb to take out a position across the street. Should have seen them duck as the concrete frag pattern TOTALLY showered their "curiosity-killed-the-cat" asses, lol I also remember back in Vietnam seeing a pic on the front page of the Pacific Stars & Stripesof a bunch of grunts sitting on an M-113 rubbernecking as an AF bird put in some ordinance nearby and the frag pattern clearly flying over their heads. The headline? "Now THAT's Airpower!" The comments? Those are Idiots..

  5. @ Craig: Cosby is/was a pretty smart guy.

    @ Curt: I'd watch mines from a safe distance, too.

    @ Virgil & Curt: One wonders why there aren't more air-to-air collisions and incidents, given how crowded the skies are during war. And Virgil... I'd be getting waaay the hell away from any potential target. All ordnance has a CEP number...

  6. Man. When your time isn't up . . .


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