Tuesday, June 03, 2014

"Whoa" Is Right

So sez Ed Morrissey about this:

Berghdal is getting a lot of pixels on the milblogs and the press ain't good, at all.  I'm not one who wants to see a hanging before the trial but the sticks sure ain't lining up the way they should in this case.


  1. I am trying very hard to reserve judgement. At least until the Article 32 investigation is held.

  2. The Chief is the Chief03 June, 2014 21:53

    Bottom line, I support the commander in chief doing whatever he wants when it comes to chain of command. Those congress people don't get a vote when he launches the nukes, and they don't get a vote when he trades POW's.

    1. what?

      I, agree with oafs. I have reached a conclusion based on the preponderance of the evidence. The won screwed up, again.

    2. @ The Chief: You're correct in principle but the actual DECISION wasn't a good one.

      @ Curt: All three of us agree, then.


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