Wednesday, June 11, 2014

We Feel Yore Pain, Hillary

Yep, life's a bitch sometimes.  I dunno if I'd want to trade spaces with Hill...

That looks like a lot o' work, which means I'd need a gardener, a maid or three, and a butler or two.  No chauffeur, though.


  1. Yeah, well, you try having to walk across the street to play tennis.

    "Nobody knows the troubles I....."

  2. What is it?
    If you aren't receiving that to which you feel you're entitled, you're suffering?
    Heaven forbid if she had to live like Harry and Bess did in Independence.

  3. I am so not looking forward to the parade of liberal bullshit that will ensue for the next two years.

  4. Why that dump is even more pleasing to the eye than Al Gore's little hovel down in Tennessee. I don't know why all our public servants don't live in such squalor.

  5. Totally disconnected from reality... sigh

  6. @ Rummy: I know! What a pain THAT is!

    @ Skip: The days of ex-presidents or other high officials living like Truman in retirement are LONG gone. Dubya comes close, but even he has two homes: one in Dallas and the ranch in Crawford.

    @ Jim: You're SO right!

    @ Curt: Indeed. Life is tough, innit?

    @ Old NFO: Yup!


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