Saturday, June 21, 2014

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

Continuing on with that Sweet Soul Music thang...

I'm just about at the end of my rope
But I can't stop trying I can't give up hope
'Cause I feel that one day, I'll hold you near
Whisper, I still love you
Until that day is here, I'm crying
There are a lot... and I mean a LOT... of male artists out there that might possibly lay claim to "the greatest soul singer of all time."  Folks like Marvin, Otis, and James, the last of which carries the sobriquet "The Godfather of Soul."  But for MY money?  It's Smokey, hands down... no contest, no debate, game over.  YMMV may vary, Gentle Reader, but Smokey is IT for me.  

We'll not get into the female side of the house, but Aretha... The Queen of Soul... is Number One With a Bullet.  Even that is subject to debate and we might just entertain that subject at some future time.  But not today.  Today we're all about Smokey and the Miracles... which we categorize as "finest kind."  And now it's back out to the verandah to continue as we've begun.

Beer me!


  1. Replies
    1. I LOVE it when great minds come together. ;-)

    2. I like Otis too but I don't want to disagree and disturb the mellow harmonious vibe I got when I played the video. Smokey is mighty fine and I think I may have heard this great song on the car radio back in the day about 354 times and never got tired of it. Good stuff.

    3. ...and never got tired of it.

      Me, too. And aren't those kinda songs RARE?

  2. Too like Otis. But I can't disagree with the assessment of Smokey...truly a diamond among pearls.


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