Tuesday, June 03, 2014

One o' Life's Minor Irritants

It's the first o' the month... aka "Mother's Day," as in "pay this mother, pay that mother"... so we spent some time today goin' through a couple o' weeks' worth of unopened mail.  This was the end result:

Actionable mail (i.e., file or respond) is on the left, garbage mail (that I neither want nor asked for) is on the right. I omitted all the various credit card applications from the right hand pile as those go directly to the shredder.  The pile would have been somewhat higher had I included those unsolicited letters.

Some folks think I'm strange when I mention I only check my snail mail about once a week or less.  **I** think it's strange that people check their mail every day, given there's hardly ever anything of real significance in there.  I do have one exception, however, and that's when the periodic cigar shipment arrives.  But there's this about that: I always know when the cigars are coming.  As for the rest of it?  Get OFF my lawn! 


  1. Yeah, we don't open mail either. It's not like anything good ever comes in the post.

    1. Two good things hit my mailbox: cigars and my magazine subscriptions. After that? Nothing.

  2. I guess birds of a feather, here, Buck. But hard as it is to believe, most studies show that the majority of people are lonesome/lonely (?) and actually enjoy getting junk mail..

  3. @ Moogie: Yep.

    @ Virgil: I hope I never get to a point in life where I enjoy junk mail.


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