Thursday, June 26, 2014


SN1's boss gave these to him yesterday...

... saying "All Lt Cols are arrogant bastards*."  Shorter: Buck's on the list (which became public today) for promotion to Lieutenant Colonel.  He prolly won't pin on his new leaves until July of next year, which means he'll have to walk on egg shells for the coming year.  But, Hey!  It's coming!

* I'd be a little bit concerned about that beer's tagline: "You're not worthy."


  1. Wicked awesome!

    Congrats to Major (LtCol select) Buck!

  2. wild blue yonder26 June, 2014 13:14

    Boo-Coo Congrats!

    Tell him to remember that stress can easily be reduced by glasses of vodka in the evenings.

  3. French words in English

    tenant = present participle of tenir (to hold) therefore translated to "holding".
    lieu = noun translated to "place".

    Lieutenant Colonel = holding place for people who might become Colonels (usually not).
    Lieu d'Aisance = place of comfort (crapper), the lieu, loo, lew, etc, etc.

  4. like

    Phil, USAF RET

  5. Thank you all for your kind thoughts.

  6. The last rank that a gentleman can aspire.
    Although, I pray that he is the exception.
    Lord knows, we need exceptions.

    1. Buck' pretty exceptional, juvat. I know I'm biased but his Mom thinks so, too. ;-)

  7. Congratulations and a BZ to the young LtCol rising. Sorry for the long delay but I was on the coast of Maine and they never even heard of the interwebs there. It's funny how, now, as one can afford a heck of a good bash, the wetting down parties have passed into distant history. Did he (you) say where he went after his command tour?

    Buck, I'm going to look forward to savoring the same sort of pride in a few years. Being happy is easy if you know how.

    1. I thought you might be on vacation, what with the lack of posts at your blog. Maine's a great place to be!

      In re: wetting down parties. SN2 had a good one when he put on CDR and I'm told Buck's was pretty good too. I wish I coulda been there.

      Buck is just now into his second command tour (his first was in the desert, two years ago), at the 1st AMXS (aircraft maintainence sq) at Langley AFB. Before that he was at HQ ACC, so he did one of those rare PCA without PCS moves. And I hear ya about bein' happy. It IS easy when ya know how.


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