Thursday, June 05, 2014

Brain Farts

We has 'em.  So, we're sitting here at the computer doin' stuff and our most recent credit card statement hits the in-box.  I immediately download and open up the statement, bein' the dutiful and attentive sort I AM, and am horrified to see my balance is about twice what it should be.  "WTF?" thinks I... how can this be?  I look a lil closer and see this statement line item:

Aiiieee!  Did I miss a payment?  Why, yes... yes I DID.  My payment was due June 1 and I completely forgot about it.  So we did two things: immediately initiated an EFT transaction to pay the bill (in full, as always), and phoned my credit card provider to see if they would waive that late fee.  We haz success in both endeavors and I'm pleased to report my credit card provider apparently values my trade enough to reverse the late fee*.  They might change their tune at some point in future, however, seein' as how this sorta thing happens to me about once every two or three years.  But we're all good today.

* No, it ain't the Discover card.


  1. That is so cool! WTG, Buck.

    1. Sumthin' good to say for the bank... which is unusual, at best.


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