Saturday, June 28, 2014

Apropos o' Not Much

I'm not sure if anyone picked up on the framed photo on SN1's desk when I put up the congratulatory post about his selection to Lt. Col. this past week.  To refresh your memory, I'm talking about the pic below the white arrow on the right:

Here's that same photo, but larger:

The explanation, from an old post:
The top picture was taken sometime before 1991. I know the approximate date because Buck isn't sporting his Gulf War I ribbons. From left to right: Sam, as NROTC cadet; your humble scribe, six or so years post-retirement (and the uniform fit perfectly); and Buck, as a Senior Airman. I hesitate to say Buck, Jr, as he isn't a "junior." "Buck" just happens to be the common nickname given to us both. Buck is the older of the two.
My, how time flies.  SN1 is much closer to 50 than he is to 40 and both sons could retire from their respective services if they had a mind to do so (shorter: both are working for half pay these days).  Makes a body feel OLD, it does.


  1. That's a lot of ribbons for a Senior Airman... I had three ribbons after 4 years (longevity, good conduct and national defense). I was a slow, but I went for the three point ribbons the next 10 years :-) I didn't want a Purple Heart, because they were only 1 point back then... :-)

    1. That's a lot of ribbons ...

      That fact wasn't lost on us when we posed for that picture. There we were... the young pup with one more ribbon than his Ol' Man. We just heaved a sigh and said "Well, it is what it IS..."

    2. I would like to mention this salient fact in the "it ain't the number of ribbons/decs but the quality" - I see at least two AF Commendation Medals and a Meritorious Service Medal on Buck the Elder's rack. On Buck the Younger the highest I see is an Air Force Achievement Medal.

      Bottom line, as a Senior Airmen, Buck the Younger has done well.

      Buck the Elder has done VERY well.

      Also noted that SN2 has his dolphins and his nuke patrol pin, both in silver, betraying (advertising?) his prior enlisted service in the Navy.

      All three of you have my thanks.

    3. Good eye, Chris. And let me say this about that... The AF Achievement Medal came to be after I retired, so I never got a shot at one... but I don't think I missed anything. Sam actually WAS enlisted (an E-5) when he was an ROTC cadet, being on one of the Navy's enlisted college programs. Sam is VERY proud of those dolphins and you can see him wearing them in that "Military Penningtons" pic on my sidebar. You're very correct that The Boys have done well but the Ol' Man? Just average, I suppose.

      Thanks for your kind words and rightbackatcha on the "thanks for your service" bits.

    4. Just checked that sidebar photo again.

      Gold SWO pin AND silver dolphins - Commander Sam has "been there - done that!"

    5. Yep, the boy has DEFINITELY been around the block a time or two.

  2. We ALL know Buck2 got his awards & decs/promotions because he is a minority, right??? That's what sickens me and what I loath about the "diversity" movement--it puts the hard-won accomplishments of ALL people "of color" under suspicion of having been given an unfair leg up.

    Congrats to the Maj and you Buck (although anything he's accomplished is probably in spite of you, right? :)

  3. Congrats to them for sticking with it! :-)

  4. @ Virgil: I hear ya about the diversity game. But we all know it exists.

    @ONFO: Both of the boys love it. I went almost as soon as I could... I only did 22 years coz I didn't wanna retire at the port, which I would have done had I got out precisely at 20 (I was in England when I went "over 20").


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