Thursday, May 08, 2014

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

Heart, with Nancy Wilson on lead vocal...

Ah... the Wilson sisters.  EVERYONE was in love with Nancy back in the day and she was/is most certainly a fine looking woman.  Me?  I had the hots for Ann, seein' as how I've always leaned toward the zaftig types.  That said, all those other guys might have been right as Nancy appears to have aged much better than Ann.  But, hey!  A classic case of "now and then," eh?


  1. Dem old decibel blues09 May, 2014 12:19

    It takes a lot of guts (and great lyrics) to sing like Anne did. Nancy is my age, she looks her age but I look like I was exposed to too much carburetor cleaner (mr. prune). To tell the truth, I never knew what they looked like when they were hot. I tolerated their music on the radio, but never bought a record. Sort of like Ronstadt, I don't really like singers who yell into the microphone. Which kind of led me away from rock at an early age. Here's some of the drip I adore:

    1. As for rock 'n' roll... you'd have gotten on well with my father. That Angela Lansbury clip (and who knew she was that beautiful?)? From a movie the year I was born.

    2. Yellow Bird watcher10 May, 2014 03:26

      I think she was 18 if my memory is any good. That was a weird movie, but I find myself singing those lyrics at odd times. I like those pub songs when everyone sings together. I was in a pub in England that had a piano and every night someone would just plop down and start playing some old sing-along song. I used to look around and try to find me my own yellow bird... British women are so funny. I found they mature earlier than American girls. At least more fun to date.

    3. I was safely (?) married when I did my three years in Ol' Blighty but I'll agree that I ran into more than a few head-turners during my time there. As for the singing... one of the most memorable moments during my three years in Britain was singing Christmas carols in the Old Bar of the Royal Standard of England with the proprietor, his wife, and about six other folks I'd never met, all before a roaring fire and by candle light. It was a truly a "ya hadda be there" type of moment.

    4. "... singing Christmas carols..." on Christmas Eve. Left that bit out.


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