Saturday, May 31, 2014

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack: More Hippie Music

The Moody Blues, c. 1970...

Ride along the winds of time and see where we have been,
The glorious age of Camelot, when Guinevere was Queen.
It all unfolds before your eyes
As Merlin casts his spell.
Ah, yes... Former Happy Days and all that.  That was then and this is now; all that's similar is the fact we ARE sitting comfortably today, wrapped in the warm embrace of sweet memory and brilliant weather (it's 91 big-ass degrees, as we speak... with a gentle breeze).

In other news... we could have put up a "Broadening" post, seein' as how we're smoking a new-to-me stick on this Happy Hour.  The stick is a fat "My Uzi Weighs a Ton" robusto (srsly... see the cigar band illustration at right) and by "fat" I mean a 60 ring gauge... which is fat, indeed.  The cigar is brilliant, the name much less so.  I got this stick as part of a sampler which my good buddy Tim at included in my latest shipment and I really, rilly enjoyed it.  That said, I find the name to be sumthin' of an embarrassment.  I'd hate to have to answer this question while burnin' one of these sticks, which might could go sumthin' like this:
Q: What are ya smokin', Buck?
A: Ummm... ahh... never mind.  It's good, and let's just leave it at that.
Yeah... it's like that.  It's a perfectly good... if not great... cigar, which is to say it's an almost perfectly balanced blend, good construction, and knock-yer-socks-off flavor.  Too bad about the name.


  1. Ah - the Moody Blues. One of my all-time faves and I'm embarrassed to say I forget about them! Must delve into it a bit this week while we are home; perhaps tune up Pandora to a Moody Blues station for the day trip to Maine we hope to make mid-week. Thanks for this great reminder Buck!

    1. I have MB stations on both Pandora and meTunes Radio, the meTunes station is better. (Aiiieee! I said sumthin' good about Apple, AGAIN!)


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