Thursday, May 22, 2014

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack: Drop Out


Well I'm not paranoid, there is no conspiracy
But I swear big brothers watching me
Turn on, tune in, drop out, give up, with me

So you're serving aperitifs to the local survivalist militia
In camouflage you're fine but the locals still call you Morticia

Well find a little meadow
high up in the Cascades

Baby we wont ever come down
Turn on, tune in, drop out, give up, with me

Buy a little cabin in the Adirondacks
Baby they'll never find us
Turn on, tune in, drop out, give up, with me

Hand stitch our tepee
Windy East Mojave
Watching for black helicopters
Heh.  I just LOVE the lyrics to this song.  Love 'em!  I've always looked at the Preppers and other strains of the survivalist movement with a mixture of amusement and disdain; Cracker seems to be on the same page as I am.  There are certain aspects of that thinking that ring some bells with me, none the less.  I can't help but think "what if they're RIGHT?"  The optimist in me always prevails, though.  I hope I'm not wrong...

I heard this new-to-me tune in the car yesterday but I was basically "off the grid" at that time (read as: all day), which is why I'm posting this today.


  1. Yep, that one 'does' resonate a bit... :-)

  2. I consider myself a prepper the same way I consider myself a conservative. That is I don’t rely, nor ever want to rely, on the government. Being prepared is simply being self sufficient.

    If one has ever been in a blackout, a bad blizzard or ice storm or whatever, they’ll quickly realize how important it is to be prepared. Everything relies on electricity - ATM, gas station pumps, grocery store cash registers …you name it. Good luck if you don’t have your essentials. And don’t worry, if the shiite really hit the fan your fellow citizens will behave respectively and peacefully. Guaranteed.

    Couple that with what is now taking place in this country. I live in a state, NY, where anyone who owns a particular type of gun is now a felon. Combine that with the IRS harassment, the NSA snooping, etc, etc, and I simply cannot afford, nor want to be pollyannaish about whether this country is truly free and “that can never happen here”.

    How much food do you stock in your house? More than day’s worth? A few day’s? A week? Longer? Do you own a gun? More than one? A shut gun? A rifle? How much ammo do you have? Less than a hundred rounds. A thousand? Who gets to decide what a prepper (short for prepared) is? At what point are your prepared and at what point are you “overboard”?

    More importantly, at what point are you a complete fool? Standing on you roof waiting for the National Guard to pluck you off? Or huddled in some “shelter” with hundreds or thousands of other folks relying on the government to clothe, feed and generally looking after your well being? ‘Cause they do that so well, right?

    My view on who I view with “amusement and disdain” is completely different.


    1. Good points, Small Tee. I'd be more in line with your thinking if I lived in a metropolitan environment, but life is different here in small town Flyover Country. All of us will be toast if the apocalypse (you choose the disaster) really and truly happens, except perhaps for the very few that have built fortresses on arable land and have the means to cultivate it over the long term. I'm not sure I'd want to survive in that manner.

  3. High up in the Cascades24 May, 2014 15:26

    It's good to keep a sense of humor. My parents went through the depression and war, and they survived. As my dad and uncle used to say, they survived and they didn't know why, and didn't feel like they deserved to, having known others who did not. I'm pretty much like Captain Quint: sometimes surviving is not all its cracked-up to be. Given a choice, he'd let the shark consume him the next time, and not just fear or worship it. I have no fear of death, but I would not like my killer to walk away unwounded. I know they'll probably stab me in the back, but my list is all checked off anyway.

    1. My parents went through the depression and war, and they survived.

      Same here. I feel pretty much the same as you in all regards.


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