Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Practical Advice

The Ol' Man had a print of this illustration hanging behind his bar for years...

The literal translation from the French is "never drink water," that being an object lesson I took to heart... and I thought I'd share it with you, Gentle Reader.  I continue to be amazed at the stuff you can find on these inter-tubes, assuming you know how to look.


  1. Abyssinian in the fuel supply07 May, 2014 18:21

    ...or as W.C. Fields said - "...because fish f**k in it"

  2. Evidently, there are at least two of us pervs who went directly from your 'toon to WC Fields. . .

    And the frog at the bottom doesn't seem to like it much, either. . .

  3. Filthy stuff. It's mostly stuffed with diseases, cryptosporidium....and pee.

  4. Recipe for purified water: 1 plastic garbage can, 20 Lbs sugar, fill with water, add 6 Lbs of ground deer corn, 6 packets of dry yeast activated before pouring in. Wait 3 days, and chase the squirrels off the warm lid, then to purify, pass it through your distiller. If'n you steal your neighbors firewood, costs can be kept low.

    1. ...costs can be kept low.

      It helps if your back yard is heavily wooded, too. Attorneys are expensive!


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