Sunday, May 04, 2014

News You Prolly WON'T Use

Didja know the Denver Post has a pot cannabis column ("pot" is déclassé now, all the cool kids say "cannabis") ?  They do.  Like this:

That's a screen shot, click to embiggen.  The column is pretty well done... mixing news, reviews, cooking recipes (?), and humor in a pleasing way.  I'm reasonably impressed.

In other news...  We're on our way to our first 90+ degree day today.

The WX looks good for the rest of this week and beyond... ergo, my beer and cigar consumption is due for a major up-tick. That's not a bad thing.


  1. "We're on our way to our first 90+ degree day today."

    Enjoy - it's a touch too warm for me.

    1. But it's a DRY heat, Brian. ;-)


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