Thursday, May 29, 2014

It's Hard to Keep Up

I'm still going through the overnight correspondence and took a look at my Twitter feed...

I'm thinkin' more than a few of those 934 new tweets (since I last looked) just MIGHT go unread.


  1. Pager on my hip - beep beep beep29 May, 2014 17:40

    Back at the turn of the Century, my boss told me I would have to wear a pager. I said no problem, $160 a week. What?? I said I need a pay raise of $160 a week. What the hell for?? Because I know you are going to page me after hours, and the $160 will cover my pain and suffering at a cheap $4 an hour. He said go to hell.

    I walked away and went to work for another contractor. Who promptly told me I would have to wear a pager - argh!

    Anyway, I can't see anyone signing up for a pager voluntarily, and this is what a tweet is all about. Even social media is nothing but mostly snarky tweets. It's a communist conspiracy of dumbing us down to lollipop lickers...

    1. ah, they tried that with me.

      Once I had an answering machine and it slew giants of "Bother me" after work.

      "Didn't you get my message" were soon translated. "You don't actually pay any attention to your machine do you?"

    2. @ beep beep beep: Yup. There was a time when I had to wear a pager... then a cell phone. A company-issued (and paid for) cell phone isn't bad.

      @Curt: I wonder if they still make answering machines. Not many people even have land-lines any longer... the last time I had a land-line was in 1999.

  2. Just Say NO to Tweets

    Phil USAF RET

    1. Ah, but there IS some good stuff there.


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