Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Well... I Never Really Thought About It...

... but thank you for explaining that to me.

And then there's this... the original art work for the cover of Mad Magazine in April of 1956:

Click to enlarge, of course.  How many of those characters and/or events can you name?  Here are a couple o' cheat sheets.  As for me, I was a mere ten years old in 1955 but some of those faces and events are familiar.  Like the Brooklyn Dodgers... another place, another time.  (Sigh)

H/t: to Hi Fructose Mag's Tmblr site.


  1. Old Soldiers never Die02 April, 2014 12:02

    I like how MacArthur is just fading away.

  2. I was all of a month this side of my mother's insides in April of '56; even so. . .

    I was surprised how much of this I recognized. Rocky Marciano, Winston Churchill (is that Clement Atlee flashing the 'V' sign?). Casey Stengel; 'course the Brooklyn version of the Dodgers had just won their one-and-only World Series championship while I was womb-bound the previous October. Ike, Adlai Stevenson, Nixon in a golf cap, Harry Truman, Tom Dewey; Mao, Chou En-Lai, Khrushchev; and various buxom babezoids who had jumped the shark by the time I was paying attention. . .

    And yeah, the fading MacArthur was a clever touch. . .

    1. You have a good eye and remember your history well, Craig. I'm pretty sure that IS Mr. Atlee you see, but I wonder why Churchill is in the montage. Anthony Eden was the Conservatives leader and Prime Minister after the '55 elections (I went to The Wiki and looked).


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