Saturday, April 19, 2014

Welcome Rain

No outdoor Happy Hour today.  We're getting our first serious rain this year and it's a rain unlike the usual hit 'n' run cloudbursts we normally get.  The system is a large, slow moving band of rain that's best categorized as a slow-soaker.  The system looks like this:

That otta be good for a couple o' hours o' rain.  Bring it ON.


  1. I'm hoping we get a little of that tomorrow. Wash some of this pollen crap away.

  2. This is very good news for your area Buck...hope there are more systems like it for the southwest - you all need it, badly. In the meantime, the CT River is above flood stage and all the snowmelt from up north isn't done yet. It's gonna be wild around these parts in the next coupla weeks. We, thankfully, don't live anywhere near the river but we do cross over it every morning - and we are watching the water rise daily.

    1. Be careful crossing the river, Kris. Bridges can and do wash out.

    2. Buck, these are huge bridge structures...4 to 6 lanes wide. We are safe... 👍 but I do appreciate the concern, very sweet.

    3. This was a big bridge, too.


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