Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

One of my very favorite Van Morrison songs from one of my very favorite albums of his.

You're the queen of the slipstream with eyes that shine
You have crossed many waters to be here
You have drank of the fountain of innocence
And experienced the long cold wintry years
There's a dream where the contents are visible
Where the poetic champions compose
Will you breathe not a word of this secrecy?
Will you still be my special rose?
VM released Poetic Champions Compose in 1987, which was one my better years.  I was two years removed from the Air Force and had settled in to my civilian career in Dee-troit, a career that would ultimately be semi-successful beyond my wildest dreams (at that particular time).  The Second Mrs. Pennington and I also bought a charming little 1920's vintage house in Detroit's near-'burbs and set about making the place our own.  In short: the best of times and this song ALWAYS... without fail... brings that place and time to mind.  Van could very well have been on the stereo when this pic was taken:

Ah, yes.  It was the best of times...


  1. I saw the house, and immediately thought, "He lived in Detroit?" That's a type of domicile that, being very familiar to me here, I've seen nowhere else. . .

    1. You're right about the house, Craig. I don't know what the style is called (Mock Tudor?) but there sure are a LOT of 'em in Detroit.

  2. Replies
    1. That was Bōgus Dōgus, a Lab - Border Collie cross. She was with us for nearly 16 years and might just be the BEST dog, ever.


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