Thursday, April 24, 2014

I Got Nuthin'

It's true.  I've read all the overnight mail, made the blog rounds and checked memeorandum for potential blog-fodder.  Nuthin'.

Wait.  There's this:

That will have to do for the moment.  Mebbe I'll see something worthwhile when I journey out to Cannon Airplane Patch this afternoon.


  1. Hated to see your Wings lose the way they did. They never trailed and had their chances in OT. My Hawks were lucky to even the series in OT against the Blues last night. But I can't really lose whoever wins as they're my two fave teams...of course I can't really win either, can I? about mixed emotions! Only wish they were in different Conferences! LOL!

    1. I hated to see the game end that way, too. I think we're done now. Next year. (sigh)

      The 'Hawks - St. Louis series is pretty good. I've watched most all of the games... rooting for the Blues. ;-)


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