Friday, April 04, 2014

From Where, I Wonder?

I saw this graphic today and it surprised me (from an article about ciggie smuggling in NYC):

Who'd a thunk lil ol' New Mexico is a large market for smuggled cigarettes?  Our per-pack tax is relatively low at $1.66, at least when compared to New York's $4.35, which does NOT include the additional tax levied by NYC.  I haven't bought ciggies in well over seven years now but I'm pretty sure our legal price is about eight bucks a pack or so.  Wait.  There's my answer!  Duh.

In other news... a late start today.  We poured our first cup at precisely 1159 hrs so I can say we got our day goin' before the crack o' noon, if only just barely.


  1. Budgeting with Vice04 April, 2014 14:36

    I seem to remember cigarette taxes and lottery money was supposed to go to schools. Big laugh. We get about three or four robberies a week from gangs who steal all the cigarettes and leave everything else. I quit smoking in the 80's when the price of cigarettes went up to 50 cents a pack. That was too outrageous for me.

    I think they tax prostitutes as well. I mean, think of the children who don't have pencils.

    1. er... should tax


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