Monday, March 17, 2014


The post title is in reference to our WX forecast today...

All week, actually.  Our beer and cigar consumption goes up dramatically with the increase in temps, most especially the cigar part.  That's a direct reflection of the amount of time we spend on the verandah, of course, and it looks like we'll be out there a lot this week.  Finest kind.

Let's see... I thought I had something else.  Oh, yeah!  Today is the equivalent of Black Friday for the Guinness brewery.  I'd wager more of that watery brew is consumed today than in any given month, otherwise.  The other abomination seen today is green food coloring added to run-of-the-mill swill like Bud and Coors Lite, and I really can't decide which is worse: Guinness or green beer.  We'll partake of neither today.  We'll also be staying in this evening, for tonight is another one of those Amateur Nights, second only to New Year's Eve.  I'll not be wearing any green today... mainly because I'm not Irish in any way, shape, or form... and that final note completes Buck's St. Patrick's Day Trifecta of Negativity.

But... if you're really Irish or of Irish extraction:  Happy St. Paddy's Day.


  1. "But... if you're really Irish or of Irish extraction: Happy St. Paddy's Day."

    Thank ya, kind sir.

  2. Apropos of almost nuttin', I've had this stuck in my head all morning. So I'm counting on you to come up with a most excellent Happy Hour Soundtrack today to chase that earworm back to hell.

    1. We tried. I hope that works.


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