Monday, March 31, 2014

Too Much Choice

I spent a bit of time in the car this weekend and I listened to a lot more NPR than I usually do, including this lil gem from the TED Radio Hour.  If you chase the link you'll see the show was all about misconceptions, specifically five snippets from TED Talks about various and sundry things we think are true but in reality aren't true at all.  All in all, a very entertaining hour but the show left me wanting to hear more of Mr. Barry Schwartz's dissertation on freedom of choice in these United States.  So it was off to the TED Talks web site (their embed code doesn't work) The Tube o' You (YouTube's code ALWAYS works) to retrieve this...

My takeaway quote from the talk?  "The secret to happiness is low expectations."  Like this:

That's a screenshot... paused... from Mr. Schwartz's talk to illustrate his point.  Somehow or other I've always known this but never articulated the concept in that manner.  Watch the whole thing.


  1. I listen to NPR a lot the car.
    I forget to turn the radio on in the house.

    1. I don't have a radio in the house. I gotta fix that.


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