Wednesday, March 05, 2014


Procrastination Я Us... I received the last of my 1099s this past week and prolly should start thinking about doin' my taxes.  Well, check that.  I AM thinking about it, what with having bought and downloaded TurboTax earlier today.  I just can't bring myself to get started, mainly coz I always write a couple o' checks every year at tax to my favorite uncle and one to the state o' New Mexico, just for the privilege of living in this freakin' desert.  I'm beginning to think becoming a New Mexican was a big-ass mistake just because of the tax thing.  I was a Texan for the ten years before I acquired this fixed address and paid exactly zero in state income tax over those ten years.  But we're a New Mexican now... what the Hell was I thinking?

So, I'm recently in from taking out the trash and it's freakin' COLD outside.  Like this:

That's quite the change from yesterday, and there will be no Happy Hour on the verandah today as that wind... a steady 27 mph, with gusts significantly over that speed... is pretty fierce.  And cold.  I suppose I shouldn't bitch as it IS still winter and I'm not up to my ass in snow; that and the fact we'll get up to 70 tomorrow.  All things shall pass, but still... Bleah.


  1. No State Income Tax here in Tn, but the sales tax is 10%+.
    Send some of that 70 degree weather our way!

    1. Well... the combined state and local sales tax here in P-Ville is a whopping 7.813% AND we have income tax. I think you have a good deal, Ed. I'll work on gettin' ya some of our weather, stat. ;-)


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