Sunday, February 09, 2014

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

Two from the "Who'd a thunk it?" file...

Well, I don't much like walkin'
But I love my Eldorado ride
I ain't never cared a thing about walkin'
But I love my Eldorado ride
Yeah, we run it around the cornfield
With my little baby by my side

Play the blues
Played it mad
Played it sad
Blues is pain
The way men cry
Like tired rain
Tom Petty and Stephen Stills, singin' the blues?  Like I said: who'd a thunk it?  I know both o' these guys have the guitar chops to pull it off but I'd never heard either one actually DO it until this afternoon.  

Full disclosure:  I heard both tunes... back to back, on the meTunes Radio Peter Green station... this afternoon.  While sittin' out on the verandah in the sun, for the first time in literally AGES.

Life's good.

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