Sunday, February 23, 2014

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

Two takes on one o' my favorite blues/boogie tunes.  First, some flash guitar from Tab Benoit...

Wowie-zowie!  And then there's the better-known version by Jeff Beck...

Well I'm going down
Down, down, down, down, down
I'm going down
Down, down, down, down, down
I've got my head out the window
And my big feet on the ground
Both takes on the tune work for me.  The lyrics don't make a whole helluva lotta sense but the music sure does COOK.

In other news... it's yet another beautiful day here on The High Plains o' New Mexico.  We're taking Happy Hour in two installments today, Installment One taking place around 0930 hrs this morning and Installment Two taking place as we speak.  Don't look at me that way... we got our old ass outta bed at 0400 hrs this morning for the hockey game and the coffee was gone by 0600.  So, 0930 rolls around and what's a boy to do other than have a couple o' beers and a cigar on the verandah?  You know we only do this because we CAN.

And now it's back outdoors to continue as we've begun.

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