Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

Time was... in the wayback... when we were a big-ass Southern Rock kinda guy.  And that would include these guys:

Well, I'm a whiskey rock-a-roller
That's what I am
Women, whiskey and miles of travellin'
Is all I understand
I call BS on that.  I understand whiskey.  I understand rock 'n' roll.  I even understand "miles of travellin'," what with having done my fair share of that.  And I love all those things, including, most definitely, wimmen.  But understanding wimmen?  That's a bridge too far, coz there ain't a man alive what understands wimmen.  Not one.

We heard this tune on Pandora's Allman Bros station today.  Every once in a while we gotta get our fix, yanno?


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  2. I thought you said the spam doesn't get through, Buck?

    1. Well... every once in a while. But there's no link above, though... which may expalain why it got through.

  3. 100% agreement on the wimmen thing. Love 'em dearly, and I have one of the best ever made, but there is no way in hell to understand them.

  4. What - is so mysterious about women? I know you men are simple creatures - and bless your hearts for that - but what is it that makes women so...complicated?

    1. I dunno, Kris. You're a woman, mebbe you know. ;-)


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