Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nice Hat!

We received a new ball cap in the mail yesterday... like this:

That's obviously a Red Wings chapeau and it's the 19th addition to my collection o' ball caps, one of which you'll rarely see me without.  We do love our ball caps and our collection... modest as it may be... runs from the military (nine caps, five Navy and four Air Force, which you might think a bit strange for an Air Force guy until you learn SN2 keeps me better supplied with military paraphernalia than does SN1), to the corporate (two caps from former bid'nizes I was associated with), the political (one Bush-Cheney cap), and seven miscellaneous hats, ranging from a preferred cigar brand to various and sundry other items, like the cap from the Brownsville Barnstormers squadron of the Confederate Commemorative Air Force.  Nearly all of these caps are in permanent rotation, save two that are unwearable due to (a) a broken sizing band and (b) severe dirt and mung accumulated over the years.  My collection would be larger if I had been in the habit o' saving USAF organizational ball caps from Former Happy Days but alas, I didn't.  I simply wore those hats out and tossed 'em.  More's the pity.


  1. You need a green hat with that sweatshirt... Mine wore out, but it was a Nathans Famous Hot Dog hat...

  2. You and Pepper -- birds of a feather. Except he rarely tosses a cap. Unless we move. It's not worth moving to deplete the cap stash.

    1. My SN2 had the foresight to save a never-worn organizational hat from every command he's served in. He has 'em up on the wall in his den and I'm SO envious!


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